On faith that the Horse Heaven Hills would be a promising grape-growing region, the passion of some of Washington's best-known winemakers and with the cooperation of area farmers, Canoe Ridge Vineyard went from a dream to reality starting in 1989. Its winery in Walla Walla followed in 1994.

1989: A group of Washington farmers and businessmen partner with Sandpiper Farms to plant 44 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in Paterson, WA. Early drivers of Canoe Ridge Vineyard and their respective wineries today include Gary Bergevin (Bergevin Lane), Norm McKibben (Pepper Bridge), Rick Small (Woodward Canyon), Terry Tucker (Reininger), Mike Hogue (Hogue Cellars), among several others.

1990: 52 Washington shareholders forge a Canoe Ridge Vineyard partnership with Chalone Wine Group of Napa, CA towards a major vineyard expansion and a soon-to-follow winery.

1994: The official Canoe Ridge Vineyard winery opens in the historic Walla Walla trolley house. John Abbott is appointed head winemaker.

2001: Chalone Wine Group assumes full ownership of Canoe Ridge Vineyard, increasing production with a sizable winery expansion.

2005: International alcoholic beverage powerhouse Diageo purchases Canoe Ridge Vineyard from Chalone Wine Group. The same year, the Horse Heaven Hills, region to the vineyard, is established as an American Viticultural Area.

2011: Precept Wine acquires Canoe Ridge Vineyard from Diageo.

2014: Canoe Ridge Vineyard celebrates its 25th anniversary

2018: Celebrated Walla Walla winemaker Haydn Mouat is named head winemaker of Canoe Ridge Vineyard.